5 Butler County districts that will return to in-person classes this month

Multiple school districts in Butler County have decided to return students to more in-person classes this month.

The moves are seen as a signal that districts feel comfortable with the volume of cases seen from in-person instruction and the importance of having students in schools.

Here’s a look at five districts that are making changes:

Fairfield: Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade will return to school five days per week and in students in high school in school four days beginning Oct. 26. For the high school, Wednesdays will be remote learning days so teachers can assess, monitor progress and check in with virtual learning students, the district said. Preschool students will also attend in person all days except Wednesday.

Hamilton: Starting Wednesday, students will return to the traditional class schedule of five days a week of in-person instruction. The district has been using a hybrid school day schedule where students are only in live classes – rather than learning at home remotely on other days – for two days a week.

Monroe: Students will return to live classes on Oct. 20. There will be no school for students on Oct. 19, to allow Monroe’s team to prepare for the transition. The district reversed its previous decision to offer only a hybrid schedule of classes involving students attending alternate days.

Middletown: Students will return on a staggered schedule alphabetically from Oct. 19 to Nov. 6 with some students attending classes Monday and Tuesday, then others in class on Thursday and Friday. Students will learn remotely on Wednesdays. All students will return to a normal, five-day class schedule starting Nov. 9. The school has not held any in-person classes this year.

Talawanda: Students will return to in-person classes on Oct. 20 after learning remotely so far this year. The plan also sets up three extra days at the end of this quarter for staff development time to prepare. Those three days will be this coming Wednesday through Friday, the final three days of the quarter.