Hamilton school zone speeding blitz nets quite a few violators

‘I just don’t think they pay attention.’

Hamilton Police conducted a school zone safety blitz Friday and had no problem finding violators of the 20 miles-per-hour speed limit.

During the morning hours, officers were at 12 schools and made 14 traffic stops and issued 10 citations. The most egregious was a driver traveling 54 mph in the school zone at Riverview Elementary on Knightsbridge Drive, according to the police department.

In the afternoon, officers were at four schools and made nine traffic stops and issued nine citations. The most egregious was 38 mph in the school zone at Hamilton High School on Eaton Avenue, according to police.

Police warn drivers to slow down when traveling in school zones.

“I think people are so preoccupied with their phones and other things,” said Sgt. Brian Ungerbuehler. “I just don’t think they pay attention.”

He said typically, officers issued citations for drivers going 10 mph over the school zone limit. He also noted the speed limit on Knightsbridge Drive is 35 mph when school zone lights are not flashing.

Patrols will be increased this week and beyond for homecoming season in the evenings to keep students safe while attending the events, police said. That will begin this week with Badin High School’s homecoming prade and football game and dance.

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