Two 13-year-olds caught driving minivan, Oxford Police say

Last week, two 13-year-olds in Oxford were issued citations after driving a minivan around a subdivision on the northwest side of town.

Police said they also had what appeared to be marijuana.

Law enforcement officials were alerted to the situation by a caller on Monday afternoon. In the police report, responding officer Joshua Jenkins said he eventually saw the vehicle turn toward him on Vicki Anda Court before quickly swerving to the side of the road and coming to a stop.

Jenkins said a 13-year-old white male driver “appeared very young” and was accompanied by a white female of the same age, whose mother owns the van. The pair took it out while the girl’s mother napped, according to the police report.

Jenkins testified the two were driving with a small bag of marijuana on the passenger side of the dashboard, placed on top of the girl’s cellphone. Also recovered from the vehicle was a glass bong and a Delta 8 vape pen, which the girl said she bought from a Hamilton vape shop.

Jenkins said the girl didn’t claim to own the two grams of weed that was recovered, but “given the fact it was on top of her cellphone along with her THC vape pen,” she was charged as a juvenile for drug possession.

The driver was given a citation for operating a vehicle without a license. Both were released into the custody of their guardians.

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