Police: Man charged with assault after reported fight at Oxford hospital

There are 11 municipal police departments in Butler County.

Oxford police officers were called to a fight reported by members of the Oxford Fire Department in front of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital early in the morning of Sept. 10, and a man was charged with assault.

Responding officers found a group of males in front of the emergency room entrance of the hospital and a woman off to the side. One of the males was on crutches. The officers were told the male on crutches had pushed the woman to the ground and the other males were attempting to keep him away from her.

She said she had been walking with her boyfriend, along with some of his friends, when the male on crutches approached them and began trying to pick a fight. She said the male on crutches then purposely shouldered her and knocked her down, causing a skinned knee and an abrasion on her hand from falling.

At first, she was not sure about pursuing charges but the officers spoke to the males who had been accompanying her and they gave corroborating stories. One of them said two paramedics had attempted to break up the fight.

The male on crutches was arguing with another officer and was ultimately taken into custody. He claimed to have done nothing wrong and said the others had assaulted him and he wanted them arrested. A search incident to arrest produced more than one Illinois driver’s license and he was found to be intoxicated.

The officer then spoke again with the group about filing charges for assault and the victim decided to complete a statement about the incident. They were directed to the police department to fill out statements.

The man on crutches said he wanted to be seen in the hospital for possibly aggravating his leg injury that had necessitated the crutches. He was walked into the Emergency Room and cited for assault.

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