Police investigating teen shooting in Middletown

A 19-year-old woman is recovering from a gunshot wound she suffered Sunday night and Middletown police are trying to piece together what happened.

Sgt. Earl Nelson said the victim is being less that cooperative.

Officers were called to Atrium Medical Center about 9 p.m. for a woman with a gunshot wound. They found Alexis Vernon was being treated for a wound to the right heel.

Vernon told officers she was walking on Burbank Avenue when she heard a single shot and her ear began to ring. She could provide no description of the shooter. Vernon said she was transported to the hospital by a neighbor and her sister, according to the police report.

Officers could find no evidence of a shooting on Burbank, but began to search the 2000 block of Sheffield Street where Vernon is a resident. A blood trail was found to an apartment.

A resident gave officers permission to search the apartment and found a round projectile in a blanket and basket, and the kitchen door appeared to have been hit by a round of fire, according to the report.

In the kitchen sink, a mop with what appeared to be blood was found, according to police.

Nelson said the investigation is ongoing.

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