Police: Student hides marijuana in Bellefontaine HS principal’s office

Bellefontaine High School Principal Pam Noeth reported to police that her office smelled like marijuana five days after she searched a student in her office for smelling like the substance.

Noeth said she used a diffuser with scented oils, air freshener and sprayed with disinfectant but the odor was just as strong Feb. 25 as when the student was in her office Feb. 20, according to a Bellefontaine police report.

The officer who responded reported he could immediately detect the odor of raw marijuana in Noeth’s office and looked in the area where the student had been sitting.

Under the chair, the officer used a flashlight to peer through the heating/air conditioning vent. There, the officer found a plastic baggie of pot tied in a knot at the bottom of the duct, believed to have been hidden by the student when he was left alone in Noeth’s office.

The officer secured the marijuana as evidence.

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