Police still getting tips about missing Middletown mother

Middletown police are continuing to investigate tips about the whereabouts of a mother who has been missing since Sept. 14.

Last month skeletal remains of a female in Greene County were determined not to be Lindsay Bogan, 30, but at that time police revealed the investigation was still very active.

On Tuesday, Middletown detectives were investigating a tip in Middletown and did make an arrest of a man on outstanding warrants.

“But it has noting to do with Lindsay Bogan,” Hoffman said. He added the tip did not lead officers to Bogan, alive or dead.

Police are continuing to investigate information that might point to her boyfriend, Eric Sexton, and members of his family as persons of interest in her disappearance. Officers are investigating the case as a homicide.

Sexton, 48, of Wilshire Drive in Franklin, reported Bogan missing Sept. 14 and said he last saw her the day before getting into a silver Dodge Durango at the corner of Central Avenue and Baltimore Street in downtown Middletown.

Sexton said he and Bogan, the mother of their 9-month-old daughter, were planning to get married. Soon after, he was charged with promoting prostitution in connection with the case. He is currently serving a nine-month jail sentence for that offense.

Also, a polygraph test conducted on Sexton and his brother, Steve, “showed deception,” Hoffman said.

He described the two men as the main persons of interest in the Bogan case.

“Middletown police detectives are continuing to interview suspects and witnesses to the whereabouts of Lindsay’s body,” Hoffman said. “Both main persons of interest in this case are Eric Sexton and his brother, Steve Sexton. They have both volunteered to take polygraph examinations, which they both showed ‘deception.’ “

Eric Sexton’s attorney, David Washington, previously said his client does not know the whereabouts of Bogan.

But police have doubts about Eric Sexton’s story.

“Eric Sexton was the last known person to see Lindsay alive, and he has now changed his story four times on the details of her disappearance,” Hoffman said.

Police have already arrested at least 25 people on multiple crimes so far in their investigation of the case, Hoffman said. At least two people, he said, have been arrested for deliberately trying to deceive detectives in their search for Bogan.

Bogan is described as 5-foot-6, 118 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. She has a rainbow tattoo on her hip and a star tattoo on her shoulder.

Anyone with information about Bogan’s disappearance is asked to call Lt. Jim Cunningham at 513-425-7747.

Tips can also be called into Greater Cincinnati Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040. Its Wheel of Justice Fund is offering a $2,000 reward, and callers can remain anonymous.

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