Grocery store manager holds down alleged thief until police arrive

An assistant manager of a Middletown grocery store held down an alleged shoplifter until police arrived, according to a police report.

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Monica Sheppard, 31, of Franklin, is charged with robbery after police said she attempted to steal $21.38  worth of items from Save A Lot, 4525 Roosevelt Blvd., according to a police report.

Sheppard pushed, shoved and fought with employees who tried to keep her inside the store, according to the report.

The store’s assistant manager told police she watched Sheppard put items into her purse, then walk by all cash registers without stopping to pay. The assistant manager told another employee to lock the store’s exit to keep Sheppard from leaving.

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Sheppard told police she was stealing the items — which included two bags of Tide Pods, a large container of ground beef, and two bags of gummy bears — because she was hungry.

Sheppard’s next court hearing is set for July 16 in Middletown Municipal Court.

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