Campers at country club end up spending night in jail

Three people camping in the woods on the grounds of the Oxford Country Club drew the attention of police who told them they should not be there because it is private property. All three landed in jail, however, when it was discovered there were warrants out for their arrest.

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Police were called at 9:14 p.m. July 24 to the woods behind Judy Drive and across the railroad tracks when suspicious smoke was seen in the area. Several people told the officers they were seeing smoke from the woods and that people had been camping there for several weeks.

The first officer on the scene met with four people camping in the woods and informed them it was property of the Oxford Country Club and they should not be camping there. Officers were told there were more people camping about 200 yards away.

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One of the four people was identified as Max Tatman, 20, who was found to have multiple warrants for his arrest from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and one from Warren County. While he was being placed in a cruiser, other officers went back into the woods to investigate the other possible campsite.

A second site was located and officers heard a dog bark. Two people there were identified as James Robinson, 59, and Alice Robinson, 53.

James Robinson was found to have a failure to appear warrant against him for a driving under suspension charge and a child support warrant out of Butler County. Alice Robinson was also found to have a child support warrant out of Butler County.

Both were walked out of the woods and taken to the Butler County Jail.

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