Butler County Jail adds camera to take body temperature during coronavirus concerns

During the current coronavirus precautions, one of the key elements to keeping people safe is knowing body temperature because fever is a main symptom. In most adults, that means above 100 degrees.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office has installed an infrared camera and monitor in the jail entrance that takes the temperature of anyone walking past.

The system from Nuctech was installed several weeks ago at the facility on Hanover Street as the cases of coronavirus were ramping up.

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“This is primarily set up for inmates,” said Butler County Sheriff’s Office Major Mike Craft. “It takes the temperature of anyone who walks past the camera.”

The device is mounted just outside the Sally Port so temperatures are checked before a person enters the facility.

“So every single person, whether they are going to or from court, whether they are first coming it, it doesn’t matter, they are going to go by that camera and it is going to take their temperature instantly,” Craft said

Jail personnel is alerted if someone registers a high temperature. Instantly they would be checked a second time to make sure it is an accurate reading and a medic would be called if the temperature was elevated.

“It is not just for (the coronavirus),” Craft said. “This system will stay in place even after COVID is long gone because it is useful for other illnesses.

“In January, we had flu in the jail and there were probably eight people in the jail that were quarantined. This is not just a COVID situation. For us it is a solution to a permanent situation to help control the health of the facility, because we fight illnesses in the jail all the time.”

The camera is operating at no cost right now because, Craft said, the company offered it to the jail as a demo during the coronavirus pandemic.

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