Butler County deputies fitted with masks, equipment as coronavirus precaution

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is taking precautions to protect deputies who are first responders during the coronavirus situation.

Deputies and corrections officers at the county jail often deal with people who have health issues, but more precautions are being taken to keep them safe and healthy and still responding where needed.

“We are not being alarmist, we are trying to be prepared,” said Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer.

Deputies deals with potentially dangerous situations as part of their work, but Dwyer said “this virus is a different animal.”

It is is because there is potential for the personnel across the board to be affected, “decimating” a staff that is vitally needed.

Many precautions are underway in the office, jail and for deputies still on the street. All have masks that can been worn on calls during which someone may present symptoms or if they respond with the health department to assist in checks of those undergoing testing measures.

The masks are fitted with a hood over the head.

Will a deputy show up at the door in a mask for an ordinary call? Dwyer said that is not likely.

“If they get to the door and someone is symptomatic, they might go back the the cruiser and get their gear before contact,” Dwyer said.

In addition to the mask, gloves and goggles are also provided.

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