Parole denied for David Carroll, convicted of murder of Marcus Fiesel of Middletown

The man convicted and imprisoned for murder in the death of his 3-year-old foster son and disposing of his body after burning it was denied parole on Friday.

David Carroll, convicted in 2007 in the death of Marcus Fiesel of Middletown has served close to 16 years in prison for murder and gross abuse of a corpse, but a parole board did not believe he should be released from prison.

Credit: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Credit: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

“The offender has not demonstrated adequate institutional conduct and is encouraged to improve on his conduct and take relevant programs to help in this area,” The parole board’s decision stated. “The offender lacks insight into his criminal thinking errors and risk factors.”

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Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters encouraged members of the community to write letters to the parole board expressing their feelings on Carroll’s parole hearing. Deters said after Carroll’s parole hearings began, his office received hundreds of letters from the public, which he forwarded to the parole board.

The parole board’s decision noted that there is “significant” opposition to Carroll’s parole from the community.

“Releasing the offender at this time would not serve the interests of justice,” read the decision.

Carroll won’t receive another parole hearing until May 2032.

Carroll, along with his wife, Liz, reported Marcus missing from Julifs Park in August 2006. Liz Carroll claimed her 3-year-old foster son with autism went missing after she passed out due to low blood pressure.

On that day, almost 3,000 people searched for the missing boy, only to find later that he never was missing.

The truth came out two weeks later: Marcus already was dead, wrapped in a blanket, bound with packing tape and left in a closet to die over a hot August weekend while the Carrolls, live-in girlfriend Amy Baker; their biological and other foster children; and dog headed to Kentucky for a family reunion.

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Baker, who now goes by Amy Ramsey, ultimately confessed to prosecutors, revealing the events that led to Marcus’ death: She said the Carrolls put him in a closet, bound tight, on Aug. 4. He had no food or water. A subsequent coroner’s investigation found the temperature in the closet reached between 105 and 115 degrees.

When they returned, the boy had died. David Carroll put Marcus’ body in a moving box and covered him with clothes.

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Baker admitted to a grand jury that she and David Carroll had purchased gas and drove to an abandoned chimney she knew of in Brown County.

Testimony from Baker and Liz Carroll led detectives to an abandoned farmhouse in Brown County, where David Carroll and Baker burned Marcus’ remains in a chimney; what didn’t burn they tossed in the Ohio River.

Credit: Nick Daggy

Credit: Nick Daggy

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