Murder witness in Marcus Fiesel case goes to prison

Amy Baker’s testimony helped put foster parents Liz and David Carroll behind bars.

BATAVIA — A key witness in the murder case against foster parents of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel of Middletown has been sentenced to two years in prison for drug trafficking.

Baker, 29, was sentenced Friday, July 9, in Clermont County, after selling prescription pills to a police informant in March, according to prosecutors.

She took a plea deal last month and could have been set free if the judge agreed her sentence was time served while awaiting the outcome of the case. Judge William Walker said he took into account her link to Marcus’ death in August 2006 when he sentenced her to a two-year term.

Baker, who now goes by the last name Ramsey, avoided charges in the Fiesel case by testifying against foster parents, Liz and David Carroll, who are both serving life sentences in prison.

Baker was the couple’s live-in girlfriend and said she was present when Liz and David bound the 3-year-old developmentally disabled boy and left him in a closet while they attended a family reunion in Kentucky.

When they returned, Fiesel, placed in foster care by Butler County Children Services, was dead. Baker and David Carroll then took the boy’s body to Brown County, burned it and disposed of it in the Ohio River.

Liz Carroll is serving 54 years to life at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, where Baker will be sent. David Carroll is serving 15-years to life at the Toledo Correctional Institution.

The Fiesel case prompted sweeping reforms in Butler County and the state.