A week after human remains found in Middletown trash, no update on ID or cause of death

A week after people searching the area for a woman missing since last month discovered human remains in a trash can, Middletown police and the Butler County Coroner’s Office have released no information about the cause of death or identity of the person.

“They stated on (July 1), while driving through the alley, they stopped to look into a large brown Rumpke trash can, where they believed they had located what appeared to be human remains,” according to the police report.

A 911 caller told dispatchers she saw a skull among the remains.

“I think I know where my sister’s body is at,” said the caller, who said she was the sister of missing woman Asiah Slone. The caller asked to speak to the detective investigating the missing person’s case.

She and a friend were driving in the alley and saw the garbage can in the bushes.

“I thought that was kind of odd. There was a garbage bag and I opened it. There is a skull inside. I cannot tell if it is a real skull,” the caller said.

Middletown detectives are continuing to investigate and are waiting for a ruling from the coroner’s office on identification and cause of death, Deputy Chief Earl Nelson said Tuesday.

“We will investigate it as a homicide until we are told differently,” Nelson said. He added they were told the coroner’s office is sending the remains off for dental record comparison.

Martin Schneider, coroner’s office administrator, said, “We have had to move on to the next step in the identification process. We will be sending samples to BCI for DNA testing to identify the individual. Unfortunately, I do not have a timetable for those results to come back.”

He said the coroner could also not say anything at this point regarding the cause or manner of death.

The decomposed remains were found in the 1000 block of Centennial Street near Yankee Road.

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