Air quality alert in effect in Butler, Warren counties

Butler and Warren counties are included in an Air Quality Advisory in effect this weekend, issued by the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency.

The alert is in effect through midnight today.

Ground-level ozone, or smog, is expected in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range on the Air Quality Index.

Children, seniors and those with respiratory diseases should decrease prolonged or heavy exertion. However, the general public most likely won’t be affected. While it is OK to be outside during an Air Quality Advisory, people should take more breaks and do less strenuous activity.

On Air Quality Advisory days, everyone can help reduce ozone formation by taking the following actions:

  • Take the bus, carpool, bike or walk instead of drive. Refuel your vehicle after 8 p.m.; do not top off when refueling and tighten the gas cap.
  • If you do drive, combine errands or delay them until the advisory is lifted. Avoid idling, especially at drive-through windows; exhaust contributes considerably to ozone formation.
  • Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment; mow lawns after 6 p.m.

For additional information, visit the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency's website.

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