Vehicle catches fire near Butler County church, flames spread to brush

UPDATE @ 3:45 p.m.

Area residents told this news outlet that a man left Elk Creek Baptist Church in a vehicle that was already on fire. The driver then blew through a stop sign at an intersection, nearly crashing into a motorcycle.

The vehicle made it about a mile down the road before the driver abandoned the vehicle, which eventually became engulfed in flames. Fleeing the scene on foot, the man ran through a 1-year old’s birthday party in someone’s yard, residents said.


Firefighters are battling a blaze in the 7100 block of Elk Creek Road.

A vehicle caught fire at 2:39 p.m near Elk Creek Baptist Church, and the flames spread to nearby brush, according to emergency dispatchers.

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Madison Twp. Fire Department responded to the scene with six units to battle the blaze, which as of 3:10 p.m. had not affected any structures, according to emergency dispatchers.

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