5 things to know about the University of Dayton

The University of Dayton.
The University of Dayton.

1. UD is where March Madness begins every year

University of Dayton Arena is where the annual NCAA basketball tournament begins every year with the First Four play-in games.

The games help the university establish its national brand and are even thought to have an effect on enrollment, officials have said.

“I think it gives us a greater national exposure,” said Robert Durkle, associate vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid. “The consistency of us being in the NCAA (tournament) I think reinforces that exposure nationally.”

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2. UD’s mascot is named after the inventors of aviation

University of Dayton students are known as Flyers.

They are named after Dayton’s historic sons, Orville and Wilbur Wright.

The duo, originally from Dayton, were pioneers in aviation and invented the first airplane.

One of the Wright Brothers’ original bicycle shops is still standing in Dayton.

3. UD is a close friend of General Electric and Emerson

The University of Dayton is a host to General Electric and Emerson, both of which have facilities located on campus.

The companies built on campus as part of a partnership with the university.

Students often do internships and research at the facilities. UD’s current president, Eric Spina, said he would like to establish more partnerships with other companies.

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4. UD students have houses on campus

The University of Dayton offers some unique living accommodations to students.

Students can opt to live in a residence hall, an apartment or a university owned house when they’re upperclassmen.

The houses are located to the north and south of campus and are marked by a UD hosing symbol if they are university-owned.

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5. UD has some well known alums, one of whom is a top state official

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted graduated from the University of Dayton in the 1980s.

Husted received a bachelor’s degree in science education in 1989. He began serving as the secretary of state in 2011.

As Ohio’s Secretary of State, Husted oversees the state’s elections. Before then he served as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.

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