7 things to know about the 30-hour hostage standoff in Liberty Twp.

Donald Tobias Gazaway
Donald Tobias Gazaway

A 10-year-old boy is reportedly safe after being held hostage in his own home in Liberty Twp. for nearly 30 hours this weekend.

The suspect is in the Butler County Jail on charges of kidnapping, felonious assault and inducing panic. The standoff with police began late Friday night and ended early Sunday.

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Here are key things to know about the incident:

Who is the suspect? The suspect is Donald Tobias Gazaway, 31. Gazaway served more than four years in prison for felonious assault out of Hamilton County, according to state records. He was released in July.

It began Friday night. Police were called at 11:27 p.m. Friday with reports that a man was in the boy's mother's apartment with a gun demanding money following a disagreement. Gazaway is a friend of the family and not related to the boy.

Apartments evacuated. Police made contact with Gazaway at 11:38 p.m. Shots were fired inside shortly after, leading police to evacuate nearby apartments.

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Child used as human shield. Gazaway was using the child as a shield with a gun held to his neck. He took the boy to the apartment's garage and got in a car, where he stayed for some time.

Shots fired at police. Officials say Gazaway fired shots at police intermittently throughout the event but no one was hurt. Law enforcement did not return fire.

Regular communication. Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit credits the boy's safety to the negotiators who talked with Gazaway, keeping him calm and building rapport with him.

Weapon used. The type of firearm used is known by authorities but they are not disclosing the type at this time, according to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

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