5 things jurors in Hamilton death penalty trial will be without until they reach a verdict

Jurors in the Michael Grevious II death penalty trial arrived for court today with packed bags, ready for a hotel stay if needed.

Grevious, 25, of Hamilton, is facing the death penalty if found guilty of aggravated murder for allegedly ordering a retaliation shooting at Central Avenue and Knightsbridge on Aug. 3, 2016 that killed two people. He is also charged with having weapons under disability and felonious assault for gun violence that killed his relative during the early morning hours of July 24, 2016 at a Hamilton bar.

On Tuesday, the prosecution rested after more than four days of testimony. The jury will listen to closing arguments this morning and then begin deliberating.

Because this is a death penalty case, the jury is required to be sequestered until a verdict is reached, meaning if no verdict comes today, they will be checked into a hotel.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Greg Stephens went over the rules of sequestration Tuesday with the jury. Among the things he told them:

  • Jurors will not have access to room phones or cell phones
  • Jurors will not have access to televisions
  • Jurors will be housed in separate rooms to assure there is no discussion of the case unless all are present
  • Meals are arranged for the jury, but the judge said no alcoholic beverages will not be permitted
  • Certain books and magazines can been read, but the judge told the jury to leave "Agatha Christie and the who-done-its at home"

Eleven deputies and the court bailiff will keep watch over the jury and three alternates while they are sequestered at the hotel.

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