There’s a new way to get your fried chicken fix in Butler County

Deg’s Flame Grilled Chicken recently renovated its Liberty Center location to introduce a second dining option.

Chester’s Chicken is a quick-service, fried-chicken franchise known for crispy double breaded chicken, especially tenders, according to Deg’s owner Naveed Haq.

“It gives an option to people who prefer fried rather than grilled,” Haq told this news outlet.

Chester’s also is MSG-free, breaded on site and served fresh, he said.

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The new option debuted last week inside of Deg’s, which is located next to the Food Court inside The Foundry, Liberty Center’s indoor mall.

The menu at Chester’s Chicken includes breakfast biscuits, wraps, salads, sandwiches, livers & gizzards and a wide array of side dishes and desserts.

Founded in 1952, Chester’s primarily consists of restaurant-in-store concepts, including colleges and universities, airports, convenience stores, truck stops and supermarkets.

Deg's Flame Grilled Chicken offers fresh chicken in varying cuts and portion sizes, as well as chicken burgers and chicken wraps. Customers can choose the chicken to be served or basted with organic sauces such as Classic Wing, BBQ Wing, ketchup, lemon & herb, garlic sauce and a sauce derived from the South African peri-peri pepper.

It opened a second location in May 2017 at The Greene Town Center in Beavercreek.

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