Physician turned restaurateur opens newest eatery at Liberty Center


WHAT: Deg's Flame Grilled Chicken

WHERE: Second floor of The Foundry at Liberty Center, 7100 Foundry Row, Liberty Twp.

MORE INFO: 513-829-3347 and

A new restaurant that opened Friday on the second floor of The Foundry at Liberty Center aims to provide quality food that’s healthy and fits the fast-paced lifestyle of many Americans.

Dr. Naveed Haq, a Lima-area physician , said he first started pursuing the idea of opening Deg's Flame Grilled Chicken four years ago after years of witnessing the kidney and heart damage brought on by eating greasy, oily, fast-food chicken.

“Do you know the saturated fat in all of those when they’re deep fried?,” he said. “I personally don’t eat it.”

Seeking to expand upon an idea he implemented at home, Haq purchased large state-of-the art steam ovens that control the moistness of chicken on the inside and crispness on the outside.

“It’s all computer controlled …” he said. “You can actually grill it to perfection within minutes.”

The menu at Deg's Flame Grilled Chicken builds off that concept, offering chicken in varying cuts and portion sizes, as well as chicken burgers and chicken wraps. The restaurant's chicken is always fresh, never frozen, and can be basted or served with an array of organic sauces, everything from ketchup, Classic Wing and BBQ Wing to garlic sauce, lemon & herb and even a sauce derived from the South African peri-peri pepper.

Side dishes include “healthy fries,” which are not fried but baked, as well as Wurlys, a signature — and trademarked — spiral potato wedge designed to come out crisp outside and juicy inside. Rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, corn and coles slaw round out the selection of health-conscious side dishes.

Salads on the menu are created from fresh not store-bought vegetables and include Caesar and garden salads with grilled chicken available as an addition to either dish.

Customers can order ahead via the restaurant’s app from a menu intentionally limited in its options.

“We are not concentrating on the quantity, we’re concentrating on quality,” Haq said. “The grilling is the key to all of this and since it’s a limited menu, we were able to train our employees on how to grill (our food) consistently.”

Tony Lane of Sharonville visited Deg’s Chicken for lunch Monday, ordering a chicken breast in peri-peri sauce.

“It’s very good,” Lane said. “It’s fresh and definitely has a lot more spices and seasonings than most places.”

Amy Baker, of Cincinnati, who dined on a chicken breast sandwich, agreed. “It tastes great and it’s not greasy,” she said.

Haq said he is exploring opening a second location of Deg's Chicken at Austin Landing in 2017, as well as possible future locations in Beavercreek and Columbus.

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