Snowfall expected Friday night into Saturday

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Light snow fell this morning throughout the Tri-State as colder air moved in, though the high today is 49 degrees.

The high for Thursday is predicted to be 50 degrees, and while Thursday’s temperatures are seasonal, temps will lower on Friday and snow is going to fall throughout the Southwest Ohio region.

It is expected between 7-11 p.m. and the first inch will likely melt because of higher temperatures. But as those temps fall, that first inch may freeze, causing the snow behind it to stick.

The area may see 2-3 inches of snow, with 1-2 of it sticking. Towns in the more eastern portions of the region could see as many as 4 inches.

It is likely to stop falling around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. It will be a “wet snow” with accumulation, so it will make roadways slick.

WCPO meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark said the models have been consistent for most of the Tri-State.

Saturday’s temperatures stay in the low- to mid-20s throughout the day, which means snow will be on the ground throughout the day. But temperature start to rise again, and on Sunday they will reach the mid-40s.

Temperatures will stay up and the area will see them in the 60s starting on Monday and reaching nearly 70 degrees on Wednesday, March 16.


Cloudy and light snow

High 49 degrees


Mostly sunny

High 52 degrees


Cloudy and windy

High 50 degrees



High 28


Partly sunny

High 47

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