Teen arrested after 3 nights of gunfire in Hamilton neighborhood

A teenager was taken into custody Saturday following three nights of gunfire in a Hamilton neighborhood.

Shots were fired in the 300 block of Wayne Avenue about 8:08 p.m. Saturday in what police believe may have been a robbery attempt, according Sgt. Rich Burkhardt.

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It was the third time since Feb. 15 that shots rang out in the neighborhood, alarming neighbors and striking cars and buildings, but there were no injuries.

Shots were also fired on Thursday night, according to police and neighborhood residents. Detectives collected multiple shell casings left in the streets each time, according to Rachel McCoy, who lives in the neighborhood.

McCoy said the shots seem to be directed at one house, but bullets end up everywhere. And she has had enough.

“We were planning on moving out of the city anyway; this just sealed the deal for us,” McCoy said. “I am not losing a family member because some (teen) wants to play with guns. His parents should be parenting him instead of allowing him to be a threat to the entire city.”

Another resident, Robert Harmon saw flashing blue lights again from his house Saturday night.

“People should not have to worry or fear that they may become a victim of a stray bullet that is not meant for them,” Harmon said.

The teen boy was taken into custody minutes after the shots were fired Saturday night. He is charged with aggravated robbery.

The arrest report says, “the defendant, in fleeing immediately after a theft offense, was with an accomplice who had a deadly weapon on his person and who also brandished a weapon.”

Burkhardt said the investigation is ongoing.

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