Middletown police: Suspects caught breaking into home; shots fired, K-9s unable to locate suspects

Several shots were fired when people living in a duplex in the 1600 block of Kensington Street this morning heard someone breaking into the connected house.

Sgt. Earl Nelson from the Middletown Division of Police said residents told police they heard “a loud bang” next door, and when they walked outside and opened the front door, they were shot at by two suspects, described as Black men. The residents returned fire, but it appears no one was shot, Nelson said.

Nelson said one family lives in both sides of the duplex and those who live in the side were the suspects entered were not home at the time.

Police K-9s from the Middletown and Monroe police departments were unable to locate the suspects, Nelson said.

Several cruisers were parked near Mayfield Elementary School. Staff has returned to school, but there were no students in class today, a school official said.

Anyone with information is asked to call detective Kenny Mynthier at 513-425-7720.

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