Police: Chicken breasts, tongs used in reported Butler County domestic violence incident


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Police were called to an address on Oxford-Reily Road in Oxford on Nov. 4 when a caller reported two adults yelling and fighting at the rear of the address. One caller reported the male had struck the female and another caller said he was beating her up.

The officer arrived to find the male dressed as the callers had described and while speaking to him, the officer stepped on what turned out to be a chicken breast and more of them were found on the ground in the area.

The man acknowledged there had been a disagreement and claimed it had started when the female came outside drunk and threw the chicken breasts all over the driveway.

The officer went inside to find her and she said the man had hit her in the head with a pair of tongs he was using to cook the chicken. She said they both began yelling at each other and she threw the chicken. The situation got physical again after that, she said. She completed a written statement and the tongs were taken as evidence.

Another officer arrived on scene and collected a written statement from one of witnesses who had called to report the incident. That witness said he had heard the argument and saw the man smack the woman before they both went inside.

The man was arrested and taken to the police department. He was given an opportunity to complete a written statement but reportedly refused saying he would probably implicate himself.

He was charged with domestic violence and taken to the Butler County Jail.

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