Gold Star owner ‘ready to go’ as Hamilton officials approve restaurant’s move to former Pizza Hut site

The Gold Star on Main Street on Hamilton’s west side will relocate to North Brookwood Avenue.

Hamilton City Council recently approved the plans for Steve Schalgbaum to construct the newest model of the Gold Star Chil restaurant at 108 N. Brookwood Ave., the same location where the former Pizza Hut restaurant once operated.

Barring any last-minute easements or land needs, Planning Director Liz Hayden told City Council the developer is “ready to go.”

City Council members are excited about the relocation of the Cincinnati-based chili restaurant. Council member Tim Naab said this new store template for the chili parlor is not unlike what other fast food restaurants are doing.

“You’ll see a lot of similarities as developers come to these opportunities,” he said, adding that historically he’s seen these restaurants constructed in about three months.

Along with a new storefront, Gold Star restaurants have been expanding their menus, including offering several types of burgers with their classic Cincinnati-style chili and coneys.

“Gold Star is excited to announce a new location coming to the Hamilton community in late 2023,” said Gold Star CEO Roger David. “We are pleased to announce that this restaurant will offer our new expanded menu that includes something for the entire family ― grilled-to-order burgers, loaded fries, classic chicken sandwiches, and more. Whether they’re in the mood for chili or something else ― we’ll have them covered.”

The development was recommended by Hamilton Planning Commission on Nov. 17 and was first presented to City Council on Dec. 14. A public hearing was held on Jan. 11, and the council’s okay came this past Wednesday. The development will be a new 2,666-square-foot, single-story construction with a drive-thru on a 0.64-acre out lot. There will be a 28-space parking lot for the facility.

The landscaping on the lot will include nine trees (which includes one tree being retained and a few dozen shrubs and perennials. The site will also include five pole lights and an 820-square-foot rain garden as part of the property’s drainage and stormwater mitigation.

A 5-foot-wide sidewalk will be installed along the front of the property at North Brookwood Avenue.

Council member Eric Pohlman said this move will help North Brookwood Avenue, adding “that Pizza Hut building needs to go, so it’ll look a lot better.”

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

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