New tumor-fighting technology debuts at Atrium Medical Center

A new linear accelerator at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown gives area cancer patients access to an advancement in cancer care that delivers radiation treatment more efficiently and reduces side effects, officials said.

The new tumor-fighting linear accelerator, which started use earlier this month, decreases treatment time for patients and allows for more accurate treatments, which can improve cure rates and decrease complications, according to Dr. Ryan Steinmetz, medical director of Premier Health’s radiation oncology program.

Linear accelerators produce a range of very high energy radiation beams that are directed to deliver radiation doses to the tumor inside the body. The technology features high resolution CT imaging, robotics, and rapid-dose delivery.

Atrium’s new linear accelerator enables oncologists to target cancer with pinpoint accuracy and avoid normal tissues, according to Steinmetz.

“This means patients are treated with better cancer-fighting abilities and less side effects,” he said during a June open house and community tour of Middletown hospital’s cancer center, The Compton Center.

Radiation Oncology Services, a joint venture of Dayton Physicians Network, Premier Health, and Wayne HealthCare, will have upgraded cancer care technology at six of its radiation oncology centers: Atrium Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital North, Miami Valley Hospital South, Upper Valley Medical Center, Greater Dayton Cancer Center and Wayne Cancer Center.

Premier Health is the first health system in the Dayton area to provide the powerful cancer treatment of the linear accelerator, according to Lori Scalise, Premier Health vice president of service integration for oncology and women’s health.

Scalise said the health care system is “continually working to provide the best possible care for patients with cancer” in the communities it serves.”

The cancer program at Atrium, Warren County’s only full-service hospital, offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care that is comprised of medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgery, including robotic surgery, plus diagnosis and treatment services, as well as complementary medicine, referral, and support services.

“Our cancer center is right here in the Compton Center, and radiation oncology, infusion therapy, and chemotherapy are all provided here just one floor apart, which is especially convenient for patients whose treatment plan includes more than one therapy,” said Dr. Keith Bricking, president of Atrium. “And of course, the proximity to the hospital is optimal, as well.”

The new radiation oncology technology is an “invaluable addition” to the existing cancer treatment capabilities at Atrium, Bricking said.

In addition to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, interventional therapy, and hormone and targeted therapies, Premier Health offers several new cancer specialties, including high-risk breast services, a liver and pancreas center, and the Dayton region’s only comprehensive head and neck cancer program, according to Scalise.

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