New Miami to continue longtime ‘Fire Truck Santa’ tradition

The Village of New Miami will be carrying out a long-standing tradition starting at noon Saturday, one that will see the small community’s fire department delivering some advance Christmas cheer.

For more than seven decades, residents have taken to the streets as their fire department drives up and down every block in the village with firefighters walking alongside each vehicle and the village’s fire chief dressed as Santa and sitting atop a fire engine.

Firefighters dole out candy and fruit, typically an orange and apple, to people of all ages the Saturday before Christmas. This year, the event falls out a week early.

“We moved it back to give people more time to get ready for Christmas,” said Assistant Fire Chief Tim Trent, who said the effort started at least in the 1940s, if not the 1930s.

It launched with area sanitation workers carrying out the effort, then firefighters eventually took over the effort,

“Everybody looks forward to ‘Fire Truck Santa,’ as they call it,” Trent said. ” That’s the one thing that we give back to the village for supporting us.”

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