Sparks fly when tree collapses onto power lines in Baltimore

A tree that fell on power lines during a windstorm Friday created quite a buzz in Baltimore.

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Sparks of electricity set fire to the tree and a nearby car, and a loud buzzing noise could be heard as the wires crackled, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Kevin Jamieson, who lives across the street in northeastern Baltimore, captured video of the sparkler-like show.

In the video, a police officer can be seen staggering backward from the impact after a loud explosion. Soon, black smoke was billowing skyward, the Sun reported.

Power lines can be seen swaying in the wind, tossing off sparks as they made contact with the street and a stop sign, the Sun reported.

Several times, the sign is engulfed by sparks.

Jamieson said eventually the power went out at his house.

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