Middletown’s newest brewery to make its debut this week

Rolling Mill Brewing Company will open Friday at 916 1st Ave., in a a 5,648-square-foot commercial warehouse in the Historic South Main District.

The new business is the work of Middletown native Joshua Laubach, the company’s brew master and director of operations, and his wife, Megan, who serves as director of business development and administration.

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Joshua Laubach previously told the Journal-News he has more than five years of experience in both brewing and management in the local steel industry, and that “brewing is a passion” for both he and his wife.

Rolling Mill Brewing Company will produce and distribute a variation of beers year-round, including a variety of European and American lagers/ales, plus seasonal specials. The brews will be completely gluten free, being produced in absence of wheat, barley and rye while still using traditional brewing techniques.

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The business gets its name from the continuous strip rolling process designed in Middletown many years ago, Joshua Laubach said.

“It’s a process that’s revolutionized the steel industry and I think it had a lot to do with the growth of industry in the city and the growth of community and opportunity in the city, so it’s something we really wanted to speak to,” he said.

For more information, visit www.rollingmillbc.com.

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