Man arrested after Butler County pursuit during which he jumped from moving truck

There are 11 municipal police departments in Butler County.

A man was arrested after a police pursuit during which he jumped from a moving truck in Oxford.

The driver of a truck, which passed a police officer on patrol in the 100 block of South Locust Street, was familiar to the officer from previous contacts and known to not have a driver’s license. The officer also believed the man to have warrants out for his arrest. This occurred at 3:36 a.m. June 8.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver pulled into a gas station but then gunned the engine and fled south on South Locust.

The officer pursued the vehicle with lights and siren activated until the suspect pulled into the entrance near First Financial Bank. The vehicle slowed and driver side door opened and the suspect ran away with the truck still in motion. It then continued until it crashed into a fence by the bank.

The officer pursued on foot as he ran toward the apartment complex and attempted to apprehend him. The officer suffered multiple injuries in the attempt to his left wrist, right palm, right forearm, both knees and right shoulder. He continued to pursue the suspect until the pain became too intense and called out his location to other officers responding to the scene.

The suspect was apprehended by a Miami University police officer in a nearby convenience store.

The original officer returned to the vehicle, where two passengers were inside. Both identified the suspect as the driver and said they had no knowledge of why he had fled. The registration on the truck returned to another vehicle. The officer then reported to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The suspect was charged with obstructing official business, a fifth-degree felony due to injuries suffered by the officer. He also was charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, turn and stop signals, driving under suspension, driving without reasonable control and fictitious plates. He was taken to the Butler County Jail and the truck impounded.

In addition, a bag of suspected methamphetamine was found on the floor of the truck beneath where the suspect was sitting. It was to be sent to the lab for analysis with possible charges pending.