Woman leaves $1.75M to Middletown foundation to assist medical students

A Middletown woman who retired from Armco Steel will have a “profound impact” on medical students’ college debt after she left about $1.75 million in her trust fund.

Phyllis Anderson, a Monroe High School graduate, was a 31-year employee of Armco Steel, starting in production control of the Fabricating Plant and retiring from the Metal Products Division in 1982 after 31 years. She died on March 29, 2018. She was 86.

It was her wish to support medical students from the Middletown/Franklin area who attend the University of Cincinnati or Wright State University Medical School.

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The Middletown Community Foundation recently was contacted by Kenny Trimbach, trust officer at First Financial Bank, and Mark Welch, wealth adviser at First Financial, about a “sizable trust” they were administering for their client, who stated that upon her death a scholarship fund should be established.

Trimbach informed the MCF the trust was established by Anderson and was valued at approximately $1.75 million.

“Making a positive impact on the lives of those in our community is the main focus of MCF,” said Traci Barnett, CEO of the MCF. “We knew immediately that a trust of this magnitude would have a profound impact on the lives of medical students, who often graduate college with huge debt.”

The first scholarship, which totaled $30,000 was awarded from the Phyllis M. Anderson Family Scholarship Fund for physicians and surgeons to a student attending UC Medical School. The scholarship will be available again during the Upper Classman/Non-Traditional Adult Scholarship cycle beginning June 1, 2020.

Anderson was born Oct. 10, 1931 to Stanley and Hazel Anderson, according to her obituary. She enjoyed square dancing and belonged to many clubs in the area and enjoyed teaching line dancing at the various senior centers for years, her obit read.

She also enjoyed spending time with her pets, whom she considered her family, according to her obituary.

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