Computer science students earn extra training

HAMILTON — Three computer science students from Hamilton High School — John Stoll, Brad Sowder and Ryan Clark — were recently honored with an invitation to attend a masters course on developing iPhone applications by INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati.

The INTERalliance is a collaborative effort of regional businesses and educators designed to create an environment to keep local young information technology talent in southwest Ohio both for college and their careers.

“They were invited by the director, and he doesn’t just invite anybody,” said the trio’s computer science teacher Dan Richter. “There were only 20 students from Greater Cincinnati in the course, so when we send three, that’s a large proportion, which shows that Hamilton has a lot going on in computer science when compared to other schools.”

The four-hour masters course took place on Jan. 16 at Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati.

“We started off with an introductory course for the Mac programming,” Stoll said. “Then they told us what they wanted and let us loose.

“We got enough information to make a simple app, and if I get an internship to actually create an app, I’ll have the background to do it,” he said.

Through INTERalliance and his participation in the Tech Olympics last school year, Stoll earned a summer internship with the Kroger Co., and has been invited back for next summer.

“Computer science is one of the few fields with a lot of job openings,” Richter said. “His invitation to come back is huge because I was told that if they want you back for a second year in high school, they’ll want you back in college.

“I predict that four years from now, he’ll have a job at Kroger,” Richter said. “That’s what’s so cutting edge about the field. They’re doing stuff in the classroom that can get them hired now or do small jobs on the side.”

All three seniors plan to continue their education in computer science — Stoll at the University of Cincinnati, Souder and Clark at Miami University.

All three have also been invited for a second masters course, this time in creating apps for Android phones.

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