Can you help? Police continue search for suspects in Middletown hotel armed robbery

Middletown police are continuing to investigate the robbery of a Middletown hotel Saturday by three suspects who jumped the counter, including one carrying an AR-style riffle, according to police.

The three male suspects entered the Days Inn on Commerce Drive at about 10:30 a.m. and robbed the clerk.

The suspects are described as being in their 20s. While the surveillance photos are grainy, detectives are asking citizens to look to see if they recognize the clothing or shoes.

The clerk said the male with the rifle was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black or dark tight-fitting jeans and red and black tennis shoes. A second suspect was wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, with “Bengals” in white lettering on the front. The subject had dark, tight-fitting jeans and white tennis shoes and was armed with a handgun that he was holding in his left hand.

A third suspect was wearing a red hoodie and darker red head covering, which appeared to be covering long hair pushed underneath the covering. The subject was wearing tight-fitting blue jeans and had a red bandanna over his face, according to the police report.

The suspects entered through the southern hallway, and the suspect with the rifle climbed over the counter nearest the lobby door. The suspect then took the handgun from the third suspect and also jumped over the counter.

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The robber with the rifle told the clerk to “give them all the cash and that they wanted cash from the safe,” according to the clerk. They were given less than $200 that was in the register, and all three fled out of the lobby running south.

A video from a neighboring gas station showed a possible getaway car parked near the hotel just prior to the robbery and then leaving just after, according to the police report.

Police said the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information or who witnessed anything is asked to call Detective Kristi Hughes at 513-425-7733 or police dispatch at 513-425-7700 option 0.

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