Bronston chosen as Middletown’s vice mayor

After some politicking during Tuesday’s Middletown City Council meeting on her behalf, the council unanimously appointed Dora Bronston the city’s vice mayor.

Before the council went behind closed doors to make the selection, two people — Merrell Wood and Bronston’s sister, Patty Caldwell — advocated for her appointment.

“Certainly, vice mayor is an important role,” Wood said. “It is a role that possibly can lead to other political ambitions. I would tell you that I miss, very much, the seven-ward situation upon which council used to operate.

“The seven ward members represented seven specific areas of the city,” Wood said. “That went away several years ago, to where now we have five council persons that represent at-large. All of you are supposed to represent the various demographics of the city.”

Wood also praised Dan Picard, the other candidate for vice mayor, but advocated for Bronston.

“She has served on council for (two) years, and I feel that she is very much qualified and should be chosen as your vice mayor,” Wood said. “Dora has represented a variety of demographic areas in the city, and I feel now that the wards are gone that she would be the best choice for vice mayor.”

Caldwell said it is apparent how much her sister “actually loves Middletown. While out in the community, she makes herself available to participate and available to any functions that she can possibly get to.”

“I feel she will truly be an asset to our mayor, (Larry) Mulligan,” Caldwell said.

Before he voted for Bronston, Picard said the first action he took after being elected to council was to appoint Anita Scott Jones.

“Tonight I’m going to be voting for Dora Bronston, because I believe it’s important to move this city forward, and not to divide this city, or cause an unnecessary uproar over something as simple as vice mayor,” Picard said. ”So I vote yes for Dora Bronston.”

“Dora’s certainly involved in the community and has been a member of council for two years now, and certainly can do well, and help move us forward, as Mr. Picard said,” Mulligan said. “Dora should serve in that capacity pretty well.”

Bronston said she plans to “support the mayor, so that if there’s any need at all, things that he can’t accomplish, and he needs my assistance, I figure that my job would be support him in whatever way possible.”

“I’m at a loss for words, and I’m appreciative,” Bronston said after the meeting.

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