On the heels of Habitat for Humanity’s Rock the Block in April, Fairfield Twp. will hold its 10th annual spring cleanup day on June 1. Pictured is activity from the April 13, 2019, Rock the Block event were more than 11 Dumpters were filled with trash and debris. MICHAEL D. PITMAN/FILE
Photo: Michael D. Pitman/Staff
Photo: Michael D. Pitman/Staff

10th annual Fairfield Twp. event will dispose of unwanted items, clean up neighborhoods

“The Fairfield Twp. Annual Spring Clean-up event has always been a very well attended event by residents,” said Assistant Administrator Chuck Goins. “We are expecting a great turnout from our residents and volunteers.”

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The annual cleanup day is a chance for residents to clean up their properties, dispose of piled-up brush and debris, as well as other trash like old passenger tires, household and automotive batteries. But they will not take hazardous materials, broken appliances, truck tires, oil or oil-based paints, and various types of chemicals, like solvents, antifreeze and pool chemicals.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati is returning as a partner in the township’s cleanup day to accept used household items and construction material.

Volunteers can help the whole day or just part of the day, said Goins, but “we need volunteers to assist at the main drop of location, planting flowers on township property, and doing litter pick up at both of our township parks.”

Depending on the number of volunteers, Goins said they would do some road-side litter clean up.

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The cleanup day is an opportunity for the Fairfield Twp. community “to come together and to beautify our parks and our township,” said Trustee Shannon Hartkemeyer.

The township has invested in the community in recent years, including building a new fire station, improving medians on Princeton Road and partnering with Habitat for Humanity to clean up the Five Points area, she said.

“We have so many projects and initiatives, and we’re making positive progress toward the future,” Hartkemeyer said.

The primary sponsor for this year’s township spring cleanup is the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency through the Recycle Ohio Grant. Goins said the township has also received support from Habitat for Humanity, local businesses, government partners, “and the army of community volunteers that come out every year to make the event possible.”


Fairfield Twp. Spring Cleanup Day

Residents can donate and recycle unwanted items, or dispose of unwanted junk and debris.

For recycling and donations: Furniture in good condition, household batteries, used car and truck batteries, used latex paint, hard household and office goods, appliances

For disposal: Junk and debris, yard waste, passenger vehicle tires (maximum of nine per household, must be dry on the inside and must be off the rim).

Will NOT take: Truck tires, hazardous materials, electronic waste, motor oil, oil-based paints, fire extinguishers, antifreeze or gasoline, pesticides or fertilizers, solvents or thinners, propane or oxygen tanks, florescent bulbs, lawn and pool chemicals, explosives or ammunition, or broken appliances. Information to dispose of these items can be found at www.recycle.bcohio.us.