Documents show new allegations for Edgewood athletic director

The Edgewood Schools athletic director remains on paid administrative leave as a district investigation continues, officials said Monday.

And recent documents obtained through an Ohio public records request show the district scheduled two “fact-finding” meetings with Edgewood Athletic Director Greg Brown, including letters referencing two different allegations than previously stated by the schools.

According to documents obtained by the Journal-News, Brown, who was placed on leave on Nov. 22, received two notices dated Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 asking him to attend a fact-finding meeting with Edgewood Director of Human Resources Alesia Beckett.

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In both notices sent to Brown, district officials wrote “this hearing is to discuss allegations that you engaged in unprofessional behavior involving a student, possible misuse of public funds and that you allowed a coach to work without proper licensure.”

“You have the right to legal representation at this hearing,” wrote Beckett.

Previously, documents from Brown’s personnel file made no reference to allegations of misuse of funds or allowing a coach to work without proper licensure.

Edgewood officials had previously said they are conducting their own, non-criminal investigation into allegations against Brown.

There is no active criminal investigation of Brown, who has not commented regarding the allegations.

When Edgewood Schools Spokeswoman Pam Pratt was asked Monday by the Journal-News about the current employment status of Brown, she replied “there is no update to provide regarding this matter.”

Brown has also worked as a teacher and coach for Edgewood before becoming the district’s athletic director in 2016.

Prior to these recent allegations Brown’s personnel record and job performance reviews with the district were favorable though he was once convicted of a falsification charge and was kept temporarily from teaching by state education officials.

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Edgewood classes resumed Monday after the winter holiday break.

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