‘Huffing’ Miami University student moves to Walmart; arrested for 3rd time

Reports of a man “huffing” computer air duster took police to the Kroger store twice in two weeks, resulting in charges in both cases against a Miami University student.

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One week after the second offense and from being banned from the Kroger store, police were called to Walmart to find the same person in a restroom stall doing the same thing.

The responding officer on April 4 recognized the backpack on the floor of the restroom in front of a stall as belonging to Nathan McGehee. The officer had responded to one of the previous calls at Kroger.

The officer found McGehee, 20, slumped over against the wall seated on the toilet with a can of compressed air duster on the floor near his feet. Walmart employees had told the officer they had seen him in the store earlier in the week acting strangely.

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McGehee was placed under arrest and had in his possession three cans full of the air duster, a half can of it and three empty cans.

The cans were taken into evidence.

McGehee was taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital for evaluation and transported to the Butler County Jail. He was cited for abusing harmful intoxicants and disorderly conduct.

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