Hamilton voters approve change to local political process

Hamilton’s city building.

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Hamilton’s city building.

A non-controversial amendment to Hamilton’s Charter won the approval of 61.9 percent of voters, according to unofficial final results from the Butler County Board of Elections.

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Before the change, Hamilton’s charter required that candidates for city council and mayor use nominating-petition forms that were different from those used by other candidates across the county. But the Hamilton forms were confusing. Candidates through the years have been disqualified from running because petition circulators had not signed an unmarked box, representing that they were the people who collected the signatures. Candidates were prevented from running, or nearly disqualified, even though nowhere on the form was that box explained.

With approval of the change, Hamilton now will use the state-dictated forms used by other candidates across the county. The Hamilton amendment also changes the deadline for city candidates to file their petitions, from the previous 75 days before the election to 90 days before Election Day, bringing Hamilton in line with state law and almost all governments in Butler County, except Middletown.

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