Kid Rock still getting support for Michigan Senate seat; Nugent says he’s not running

Kid Rock is still showing support in polling despite his lack of an official announcement.

In the last poll posted Aug. 2 by RealClearPolitics from Target Insyght showed Kid Rock losing to Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow by eight points, but that might not be Rock’s biggest concern if he runs.

He jumped other Republican contenders because of his name recognition - Kid Rock, his stage name. But his legal name is Robert Richie. According to the Detroit News, there’s a debate between Republicans and Democrats whether law requiring him to run under his legal name would hurt his chances of winning the Senate race.

Polling shows Rock still winning the Republican primary, but whether he’s actually interested in running is a different question. According to Rolling Stone, Rock dropped his label Warner Bros. and joined Nashville label BBR Music. Rock has worked more country into his work the last few years.

Another famous Republican musician, Ted Nugent, said Rock has no intention of running and never has.

“Kid Rock ain’t running for squat,” Nugent told

Nugent accused someone in the state GOP of planting the idea without Rock’s input. He said the state party should get serious about beating Stabenow, and look for a “status quo crusher” like Donald Trump.

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