Fairfield Twp. Fire Corps in need of volunteers

Fairfield Twp. fire and EMS vehicles parked in the apparatus bay at Station 212. ED RICHTER/STAFF
Fairfield Twp. fire and EMS vehicles parked in the apparatus bay at Station 212. ED RICHTER/STAFF

The Fairfield Twp. Fire Corps is looking for a few good volunteers.

Fire Chief Timothy Thomas said he’s looking to beef up the Fire Corps, that started in the township in 2013, as some members have left recently for various reasons, including two that moved out of the area.

“This program will allow the department to continue meeting the public education needs of our community,” said Thomas. “We’re not just pulling the number of people we need to pull to be successful.”

On-duty firefighters still participate in programs, but if they are called to an emergency, the Fire Corp members will still be able to help educate the public, he said.

“The ability of the Fire Corps to participate ... is a huge benefit for our public education program,” the chief said.

The Fire Corps is a national grassroots program initially formed under the Citizen Corps initiative, which formed following the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. It’s now administered by the National Volunteer Fire Council, and the Fire Corps helps aid fire and EMS departments; community engagement and education programs.

Fairfield Twp.’s Fire Corps helps run the fire safety trailer, attends events on behalf of the department, and are involved in other activities around the community.

But there is a struggle in recruiting new members, said Thomas.

“We’re having a difficult time recruiting,” he said. “Other than really being over 18 and having a desire to help, that’s pretty much all they need.”

Though it’s encouraged to be a Fairfield Twp. resident, members don’t need to be. There’s currently one member that lives in Hamilton, he said.

While they still can operate with their six members ― and it’s not in danger of folding with its current group of volunteers ― they started out with 14, and members range from those currently working to those who are retired.

“With a little bit of training, pretty much anybody can actually teach fire safety,” said Thomas. “And a lot of the members have different skillsets that could be beneficial.”

Fairfield Twp.’s Fire Corps is the only one in the immediate area, though there are several around Ohio.

Anyone interested in joining should reach out to Thomas at tthomas@fairfieldtwp.org or call (513) 785-2240.

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