Election 2018: Who is running for offices affecting Butler County?

Democrats, Republicans and Green Party members will decide on May 8 who will be their party nominees for the November elections. There are more choices in the Republican Party’s primary ballot than the others, but most all partisan races will be contested on Nov. 6.

All of this is pending the Feb. 20 Butler County Board of Elections certification of all un-certified candidates who filed for office.

Here’s how the May 8 primary, and the Nov. 6 general election, is projected to shape up.

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8th Congressional District

Credit: Michael Pitman

Credit: Michael Pitman

Congressman Warren Davidson, R-Troy, is uncontested in the May 8 primary and in the fall will face the winner of the Democratic Primary.

There’s a potential five-way race for the Democrats in its primary election, featuring:

• William Ebben, of West Chester Twp.

• Vanessa Enoch, of West Chester Twp.

• Ted Jones, of Piqua

• Matthew Guyette, of Greenville

• Stephen Shaw, of Greenville

The 8th Congressional District includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami and Preble counties, and the southernmost portion of Mercer County.

51st Ohio House District

Susan Vaughn is uncontested in the Democratic Party’s primary election for this Statehouse district, as is Yanette Batista, of Hamilton for the Green Party. They will face the winner of a three-way race for the Republican nomination, which includes:

• Ohio Rep. Wes Retherford, of Hamilton

• Greg Jolivette, of Hamilton

• Sara Carruthers, of Hamilton

The 51st Ohio House District includes the cities of Hamilton and Fairfield, Ross Township, and portions of Fairfield, Hanover and St. Clair townships.

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52nd Ohio House District

Both Ohio Rep. George Lang, R-West Chester Twp., and Democratic Party candidate Kathy Wyenandt, of Liberty Twp., are uncontested in their respective primary elections. They will face off in the Nov. 6 general election.

The 52nd Ohio House District includes West Chester, Liberty, and Fairfield townships, and part of Sharonville in Butler County.

53rd Ohio House District

Both Ohio Rep. Candice Keller, R-Middletown, and Democratic Party candidate Rebecca Howard, of Reily Twp., are uncontested in their respective primary elections. They will face off in the Nov. 6 general election.

The 53rd Ohio House District includes the northernmost portions of Butler County, including Monroe, Trenton, Oxford, most of Middletown and the surrounding townships.

Butler County Commission

Butler County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter will face off with West Chester Twp. Trustee Lee Wong in the Republican primary for Carpenter’s County Commission seat. The winner of this race will face off with former Middletown Vice Mayor Dora Bronston in the general election.

Uncontested races

There are several uncontested races, as well. All of the following are the incumbents in the offices they hold, and include:

• Judge Stephen Powell for the 12th District Court of Appeals

• Judge Keith Spaeth for Butler County Common Pleas Judge (commencing Jan. 1, 2019)

• Judge Noah Powers II for Butler County Common Pleas Judge (commencing Jan. 2, 2019)

• Judge Greg Howard for Butler County Common Pleas Judge (commencing Jan. 3, 2019)

• Roger Reynolds for Butler County Auditor


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