WATCH: Middletown police seek dozens of people connected to drug investigations

Middletown police are searching for dozens of suspects as a result drug investigations throughout the year in cooperation with the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office.

The following people are wanted for offenses ranging from possession of drugs to trafficking in drugs and having weapons under disability, according to police:

  • Kennzah Johnson
  • Travis Martin
  • Jordan Brown
  • Jared Patrick
  • Joseph Wills
  • Marcus Guy
  • Reneee Wilson
  • Dock Gibbs
  • Rachel Roberts
  • Mauricio Benty
  • Christal Hill
  • Josh Martin
  • Isiah McCuller
  • Chris Hill
  • James McCarty
  • Jesse Myers
  • Cody Tester
  • Josh Kash
  • Johanthon Hawes
  • Molly Wilson
  • John McGlothin
  • Ryan Richeson
  • Larry Fugate
  • Richard Robinson
  • Tiffany Dell
  • Michael Arvin
  • Josh Adkins
  • Antion Walton
  • Willard Byers
  • Tavaris Gilbert
  • Tim Minor

These persons are wanted for felony drug and/or weapons related indictments, police said.

If you know their whereabouts, call 513-425-7701. All callers can remain anonymous, police said.

Others already arrested as part of the investigations are:

  • Delores Ashley
  • Chad Combs
  • Rhonda Combs
  • Michael Sims

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