Multiple frantic 911 calls from Hamilton fatal shooting: ‘My dude’s bleeding out’

Eight frantic 911 calls were placed Saturday afternoon from people who saw or heard a gunshots ring out at the intersection of Pleasant and Fairview avenues that killed 18-year-old Londale Harvey.

“We need an ambulance right now, somebody got killed …my dude’s bleeding out,” a male caller told the Butler County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher. “We was at the barber shop, a car pulled up and shot the whole car up.”

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The male caller said his friend had been shot in the head. He could not identify the car or suspects when the dispatcher asked “Who shot your friend?”

A female caller said people were running into the barber shop and out from the pawn shop after the shooting. She described seeing five people.

“There’s definitely guns in people’s hands,” the caller said. “Everybody is out in the street.”

A man told dispatchers, “Just passed a drive-by shooting going on … I kept going because I didn’t want get shot.”

The caller said it looked like the suspects were shooting out of a sun roof.

A resident screamed for emergency crews, “a car just got shot up right here … they are shot.”

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