Why investigators are looking into bombed-out cars in Butler County this week

Residents of the Woodsdale Road area know things can get loud at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office bomb range, but this week has been extra active during training for officers in the region.

Specialist Mike Grimes, longtime commander of the sheriff’s office bomb unit, spent hours Wednesday setting up detonation demonstrations for local and national investigators to simulate real devastation. It is part of a 40-hour training program for blast and post-blast investigation.

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“Some of it is in the classroom, and we get them out for field exercises,” Grimes said.

The participants witnessed blasts from commercial devices, blasting caps, IEDs and household devices in which chemicals are combined for create an explosion.

“Anything they might have to investigate,” Grimes said.

On Thursday, a group of blown-up vehicles provided an investigation scene for the participants as they learned how to properly contain the area and determine blast origin as part of their training.

Grimes said the training helps investigators learn what to look for and develop evidence to catch criminals using explosives. The training has been hosted in Butler County for several years.

This years participant were: The sheriff’s office, Cincinnati Fire Department, Mason Fire Department, Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office, Dayton Police Department, Piqua Fire Department, Ohio Highway Patrol, U.S. Air Force, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and ATF.

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