Three inmates indicted in assault on six Warren County prison guards

Three inmates at Warren Correctional Institution were indicted today for assaulting six guards during an incident in December at the prison west of Lebanon.

Before the struggle on Dec. 13 was brought under control, injuries to the guards included facial and rib fractures, a broken finger, as wells as strains, stitches, contusions and lacerations, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell.

“But for the work of our outstanding corrections officers, we would see incidents like this occur on a more frequent basis. When they do occur, they’re quite frightening,” Fornshell replied to a question about the security at prisons and safety for the public.

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Richard C. Garnette, 37, was indicted on three counts of assault, a third-degree-felony, Alfonso Price, 35, was indicted on five counts of assault.

Kevin Bronson 34, was indicted on charges of possession of a deadly weapon while under detention and obstructing official business.

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Garnette had “hooch,” alcoholic beverage made in prisons, in his cell. He is accused of assaulting three guards as they “locked him down,” according to Fornshell.

Price joined the fight and allegedly assaulted five guards. Bronson unscrewed a mop stick from the head and circled the fight, but never joined in, Fornshell added via text message.

The incident ended when enough guards arrived to control the inmate, but six guards were injured, Fornshell added.

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Garnette, serving a 15-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter and having weapons under disability, was to complete his sentence in 2025.

Bronson, serving three years for aggravated robbery, was to be released in September.

Price is serving a life sentence for murder and felonious assault.

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