Springfield man guilty of selling 3 alligators online must pay fines

A Springfield man must pay his fines or risk losing his licences after he pleaded guilty to selling three alligators online late last year.

Nicholas Taylor, 31, pleaded guilty in December to a charge of sale or auction of animals prohibited. He received a 30-day suspended jail sentence but still has an outstanding balance of $475, according to court records. The court issued a notice Thursday that he has 30 days to pay or faces losing his driver’s license.

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State authorities alleged he posted an advertisement in October of 2015 for three alligators on the website hoobly.com. They were on sale for $200 each but the report alleges he sold them for $100. The advertisement said the animals were 2 feet to 3.5 feet in length and listed a telephone number, according to a court records.

The report states that Taylor was a suspect in another case involving alligators in 2014 but there wasn’t enough evidence to continue the investigation and it was terminated. The report alleges Taylor told authorities that he knew the laws regarding alligators because he was informed of them during the prior investigation.

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