Puppy shot by gunman attempting to steal him in Cincinnati

Credit: WCPO-TV

Credit: WCPO-TV

A puppy was shot at a Cincinnati park while on a walk with its owner after gunman tried to snatch the 7-month-old American bulldog.

Derek Veazy said he and his dog walk in Mount Airy Forest every day. On Friday morning, he said a tall, dark-haired man with a beard approached and first asked to see the pup, Lucious Lion. Veazy said no, when the man asked if he could have the puppy, he told our news partner, WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

“I back away, and I start walking. He says, ‘Hey! I want your dog!’ Then he pulls a gun on me,” Veazy said.

The man fired twice, striking Lucious Lion once in the left shoulder.

Veazy did not realize his dog had been hit until he tried to flee and the puppy didn’t move, WCPO reported.

“He was just pouring blood out of his chest. ... I picked him up and ran. I didn’t look back,” Veazy said.

At his car, he wrapped Lucious in a towel and rushed him to a veterinary office.

The puppy will recover, but his front left leg was shattered when he was struck in the shoulder. It’s still not certain whether the leg can be saved, Veazy said.

Police are investigating the incident.

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