Prosecutors say Dayton doctor searched for child pornography

Well-known local child psychologist Greg Ramey searched a Russian website known as a repository for child pornography hundreds of times over several years, using sexually explicit terms referencing children, according to a recent court filing by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

The filing alleges Ramey at some point attempted to delete the search history, and it accuses him of tampering with evidence by buying a new computer from Best Buy the day after discovering he received a notice his AOL account was shut down on July 29, 2019.

Ramey is charged in Greene County Common Pleas Court with 145 counts related to child pornography. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and is currently out of jail on bond.

Dayton psychologist charged with 145 felonies related to child porn

Prosecutors filed a court document March 16 laying out part of their case against Ramey. The document is 43 pages long and addresses each count of the 145-count indictment.

“Gregory Ramey had extensive web browser history that was deleted by Gregory Ramey that involved searches for child-related sex,” the document alleges.

The document says the alleged criminal activity dates back to 2012.

The document alleges Ramey used a URL that links to a Russia-based file-sharing website involving images of child sexual abuse. It also says the doctor downloaded, viewed and emailed illegal images.

The document lists specific search terms that include sexually explicit language and descriptions of depictions of activity involving children.

Finally, the document alleges Ramey tampered with evidence.

“Specifically, Gregory Ramey’s home office had paperwork and a receipt from Best Buy that shows that Gregory Ramey purchased a new computer on (July 30),” the document says. “AOL shut Gregory Ramey’s account down on (July 29) and sent him a notice at that time. This also includes purchasing a new cell phone and attempting to delete his Apple account information.”

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Prosecutors also say Ramey deleted browser history where he searched “what happens when AOL suspends your account.”

“Gregory Ramey’s wife confirmed that there was a recent purchase of the electronics and did not know where he disposed of the computer tower,” the court filing says.

“Gregory Ramey also deleted his web browser history in attempts to conceal his hundreds of searches for images of children being sexually abused,” the document says.

Contacted for comment Friday, Ramey’s attorney Jon Paul Rion said the images his client had are not pornographic – so if Ramey purchased a new computer, it wasn’t to hide child porn.

“The allegation is that after viewing images of clothed people, that he then purchased a new computer,” Rion said.

Rion said he is working on a series of motions raising concerns about how the case against Ramey was pursued.

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