Police continue investigation in Lindsay Bogan death

Bones found in Butler County field are missing Middletown woman.

The skeletal remains found last week in a Madison Twp. farm have been identified as missing Middletown mother Lindsay Bogan, according to Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw.

Bogan, 30, was identified through dental records confirmed by a forensic odontologist, Jones and Muterspaw said Saturday.

Detectives returned Friday night to the farm in the 8100 block of Keister Road to recover more evidence. The field where a farmer bailing hay was lit up most of the night while detectives worked.

“No one should be thrown away like this,” said Deputy Lt. Todd Langmeyer. “That is exactly what someone did to this woman. We are finding out more in each stage of this investigation, and we will work diligently until we find out who did this to her.”

Butler County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said they have “executed several search warrants in the area of the recovery looking for additional evidence.”

Jones said they are focused on delivering justice for Bogan.

“We want closure for the family members and to put anyone responsible, behind bars, where they belong,” he said. “The investigators still have a lot of work to do.”

Bogan vanished in September from Middletown.

Middletown Police Maj. Mark Hoffman said detectives have continued to investigate her boyfriend, Eric Sexton, and members of his family, as persons of interests in the case.

Sexton, 48, of Wilshire Drive in Franklin, reported Bogan missing Sept. 14, and said he last saw her the day before getting into a silver Dodge Durango at the corner of Central Avenue and Baltimore Street in downtown Middletown.

Sexton said he and Bogan, the mother of their then 9-month-old daughter, were planning to get married. Soon after, he was charged with promoting prostitution in connection with the case.

In February, Sexton pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. He "supervised, managed and/or controlled the prostitution activities of Lindsay Bogan by offering her sexual services in exchange for money to others," according to facts of the case read at his plea.

Sexton served a nine-month sentence for that crime and was classified a Tier I sex offender, meaning he will have to register with the sheriff in the county he resides once per year for 15 years. He was released on July 8.

In September, a polygraph test conducted on Sexton and his brother, Steve, “showed deception,” Hoffman said. The Sexton brothers could not be reached for comment Saturday.

He said the two men remain persons of interest in Bogan's disappearance. Sexton has said he had nothing to do with Bogan's disappearance.

Dwyer said today there have been no arrests made and Hoffman told the Journal-News on Thursday that the department was not in a position to charge anyone with Bogan’s disappearance.

The investigation into Bogan's possible cause and manner of death is ongoing. Jones and Muterspaw said they have been investigating Bogan's case as a homicide since March.

Shannon Growcock called dispatchers July 9 to report finding what appeared to be a pelvic bone with hip joint socket and thigh bone while cutting hay in a field, according to a call placed to dispatchers. She said she thought the bones might be an animal, but after uncovering more, believed they were likely human.

A man is heard saying, “Oh, wow,” on the call and then Growcock tells the dispatcher, “He just found some other stuff that was buried. Looks like it might be part of a spinal column.”

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